In 1964, Margarita Lerma started what would become a legacy in the Nebraska Panhandle. She established Lerma’s Café, in Lyman, Nebraska, which quickly became a favorite amongst locals. Throughout the years the restaurant moved to Terry-town around 1975 and then came to its current location here at 1205 East Overland in 1986 with the name Rosita’s Restaurant. The food that Mrs. Lerma created on her own time and with her own creativity, flare, and love came from a passion to not only cook good food but to have generations of families share in the goodness she created. Rosita’s restaurant has served generations of families in the area, and continues to start new traditions with families throughout the Panhandle and the Nation. 

Not only being a household favorite amongst families, Rosita’s has been gaining recognition throughout the nation by being featured on NPR’s Splendid Table, Gourmet Magazine, 500 Things to Eat Before its too Late, RoadFood, and RoadFood 9thEd. 

What Mrs. Lerma created with her recipes is nothing less than excellence

and her family continues to carry on this tradition!